Hi Tracy,

Everything is going great with Zeke! We love him! He is the sweetest dog ever! Wants to be everyone's friend! We trained him early on to only go the bathroom between the same two trees on the side of our back yard and that is exactly what he does! Pretty cool, huh? :) When we go somewhere, we leave him in our mud room near our kitchen and we only lean a small gate (the 12 inch side rail that you put on a child's bed so they don't fall off) against the doorway and he WILL NOT walk over it, jump over it or push it down!! Amazing! Very easy dog and extremely LOVABLE!! Follows me EVERYWHERE! Thanks!

Becky Mahowald
Watertown, South Dakota



I competed this weekend with Ruby [Rhubarb] in a field trial. She did phenominal! I had a number of guys interested if you are going to do the same breeding again. Let me know and ill send some guys your way. She was the only dog that wasn't a german shorthair or lab in the competition.

Thanks again,



I wanted to share a recent picture of Radke. He is doing so wonderful! He is already looking to be a great bird dog. He is so interested in the pheasants we bring home from a hunt! We can't take him anywhere without everyone flocking to him as he is so cute! He is so much fun.

Casey Delaney



Just a heads up that we just got Rhubarb back from her first round of gun dog training this evening. The trainer had never trained a labradoodle before and actually breeds labs and gordons. After the first week he called me and asked how much I wanted for her, because their family had fallen in love with her. She's extremely smart, and took to birds and retrieving quickly. Over the entire period of training she didn't lose a single hit bird. She's a celebrity now around my local hunting club where 95% of the members run either labs or german shorthairs.

It's been a lot of fun, I'm hoping she develops a strong "desire" to hunt which is the only thing she's lacking (however she is only 4 months old so I guess I can't expect everything).

She has also become our 3 year old sons best friend, he asked about her numerous times per day while she was off at "school".

Thanks again, we're extremely happy with the purchase. If I ever remember to bring a camera out in the field I'll get a picture of a 30 pound pup laboring to bring me a big rooster and send it to you!


Happy Valentine's Day Tracy,

Chewy is doing great. We love him very much, he is such a sweetie. He absolutely loves to eat Kleenexes, especially the ones at the bottom of the garbage can. I have even caught him pulling them out of the Kleenex box. What a goof! He loves to chase his tail and chew on his legs and ears. He has plenty of toys he enjoys playing with as well. He is doing quite well in puppy class and beginners obedience. He already weighs 44lbs and is about 22 inches tall at the shoulder. Just out of curiosity how does that compare with the rest of his 4 legged family? Do you remember at what age did Stedman stop growing? Chewy has quite abit of hair in his ears. The vet recommends that I pull the hair out to prevent ear infections. I know that Poodles can have issues with this. I was just wondering what your experience has been in this area. I do not want to put him through the discomfort of pulling the hair out of his ears if it is not necessary. But on the other hand I sure don't want him to go through the pain of an ear infection if simply pulling the hair out of his ears is good preventative medicine. I have attached some pictures of him at Christmas and of him last week during and after his bath.

Try to stay warm,


Chewy & Kids Chewy Chewy Chewy

Walter is a dream dog. He is smart and fun. He plays with our cat for hours. He is a quick study. Learns real fast. Never seen a smarter dog ever.

Dave, Zane, and The Walter

Click here to watch a video of Walter after his bath!

Walter Puppy Walter Outside Walter Walter

Hi Tracy,

We named the puppy Bailey. She is adorable.......we love her. You have the luck of the Irish raising pups, lol. She is just as precious as Lola.

Thanks so much, Katie comes home this weekend for spring break, she is going to be amazed. We will send pictures soon.

Marge and family

Bailey Bailey Lola Lola & Bailey

Congratulations Bill and Cheryl on your new Labradoodle puppy!

Bill & Cheryl's Puppy

Hi Tracy,

I thought I'd give you a little update on Henry and Apollo, who are approaching their 8-month milestone this Friday!

Henry is a tech-nerd. He loves to watch me play Wii Fit (both the boys have "Miis" and we can weigh them and keep track of their progress) and also loves to watch the mouse scroll across the computer screen. He literally puts his front paws up on the desk and follows the mouse around. He gets so excited!

Apollo doesn't care much about the computer or the TV, except when it makes animal noises! Then he either looks for the birds on the ceiling or runs around excitedly looking for the animals. And if a doorbell or door is knocked, they both bolt for the front door and bark!

Henry weighs 45 lbs. and Apollo 49 lbs. They are pretty good at all of their commands now, even stay, but sometimes Apollo's bottom just refuses to stay on the ground! :)

We went to the beach and let them off their leashes. Boy did they have fun, but were pretty well-behaved too. They did well enough to deserve another shot at it!

Have a wonderful week!

April (& Eric)
Salem, Oregon

Apollo & Henry Henry Bill & Cheryl's Puppy Henry & Apollo


I took Shandy to a gundog trainer this weekend and he wanted to test her aptitude for hunting. She amazed me on how well she did. He wanted to see if she was just interested in birds. She not only chased down birds running on the ground...but she brought them back with a soft mouth. Then he tested her on a couple of retrieves with the birds on short flights. One retrieve she did was about 40 yards in short grass, chasing the bird in flight then picking it up and bringing it back ...parading around very proudly. Then she retreived a bird that went flew into very high grass...the trainer said "she has the nose" because she stopped about where the bird went down, but she walked around sniffing the air and the ground before finding it.

The trainer was very complementary, saying more than once how long it sometimes takes him to get a dog to the stage of interest and abilities she demonstrated just natrually. The retrieving part amazed me because as soon as she picked up the bird each time she ran back to us with it ...no other harm done to the bird. I'm curious to find out if she is a pointer or retreiver......she shows signs with poses of pointing . She also likes the water...fetching her floating toys....bounding into the water and bringing the toys back to the beach.

Shandy is a wonderful companion and house pet. She has been tagged by more than one person as "the happy dog".

Hi Tracy,

I've attached a few pictures of the kids with Mello. He's doing great and is settling in as part of our family. What an incredible puppy he is. Thanks for everything.



Hi Tracy,

Rosie is doing great. She is such a sweetheart. Everyone we have introduced her to has mentioned what a good dog she is. She was pretty timid last night, but had fun playing fetch with Scott and I and when we brought her in the house, she stayed pretty close to me. She slept in her kennel in the house (I wanted to hear her if she cried) and was so excited to see me in the morning that she didn’t even want to pottie right away – just wanted attention and love.

She has been hanging out in the yard this afternoon while Scott mows the grass, and doesn’t wander off at all. I just got back home and when I went out to sit on the deck she came up, got a little love from me, and then took a snooze under my legs in the shade. I think she’s settling in fine. She doesn’t particularly like to be put in her kennel (indoors or out) but that’s to be expected.

We love her so much. We’ll keep in touch!



Yes he made it here alright. He is awesome. I adore him. Took him up to the mountain today and did some grilling and snowboarding. He is doing great. I will try and get you some photos soon.

Thank you!

Danny Siglin
Board Shop Manager
Ski Broker/Valley Board and Bike
Fraser, CO 80442

We are loving her to death. Chuck took her to class and everyone loved her too. The instructor said she was a very smart dog. She has adjusted well to us and the extended family. Plays well with everyone. She is just a delight.

Gorgia & Chuck Boyle
Minnetonka, MN

Gorgia & Chuck Boyle's Puppy Gorgia & Chuck Boyle's Puppy

Tanner lives in Minnesota - he, too, is Stedman's full brother and an avid hunter! Tanner (and family) hunts both ducks and pheasants.

Tanner Tanner Tanner Tanner

We donated this beautiful pup - our sire, Stedman's, full brother - to "Pheasants Forever" in Aberdeen, South Dakota. A young family won the bid on him and named him "Remi." He is a family companion and hunter.

Remi Remi Remi Remi

Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to send you some pictures, so you know that Mia is doing great. She is the best dog ever!!! I just love her and she loves this family!!!

Mia and I just had our traning session. We are getting pretty good about the sit...well put it this way piece of chicken seem to work wonders with her. Mia loves the rope being thrown and then to retrieve it. As of right now she get's one walk in the morning, one when the boys come home from school and one at night...and she has a playmate our neighbors have a husky and she loves playing with her...so she went over there for an hour last night just for a play session. She is such a blessing I tell you, and her temperment is wonderful...my neighbor didn't wanted her to come back home last night...her remark was...she is soooooo stinking cute and good!!! She is a well loved pup throughout the neighbors on the street.

Gruss/regards Kerstin White Theresa, New York



She IS so sweet. I can't even beleive it. I gave her another bath last night and she is so fluffy and beautiful. She smells great. I was just talking to Lorriane and they are also so in love with Lulu. She totally tells them when she needs to go out to potty and she loves her big crate. They can't beleive how easy she is. I think that is what will sell your pups, is their temperments. I have met a few people who know people with labradoodles and they say "how crazy" they are. So yours must come from great genes or maybe it's you or both! I think Flower probably favors me since I'm with her the most, but she loves everyone! Anyone can call or email me as a reference.

FROM LINDA GRANDE Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Flower as a puppy Flower Flower Flower

Hi Tracy,

Bella is doing just fine. She knows, sit, stay, come, fetch, and heal all in a controlled environment. We are just starting on back yard training for those commands. She is potty trained to go in her outdoor kennel. So she does not pee or poop in the grass she goes to her kennel. Makes for easy clean up. She also knows how to sit up and beg on her hind legs, that only took 4 tries and she knew that one. She loves ice cubes.

All and all she is very intelligent and shows good spunk retrieving and loves to point the pheasant wing. But yet she is much calmer than our German Short hair was. Just what we wanted. She is not gun shy. Clapped boards together from day one. So loud it hurt our ears but did not bother Bell. We now shoot off a toy blank pistal every now and then.

She still likes to puppy bite and jumps up on things. We will keep working on that.

Jeff and Kay Ballard
Sioux Falls, SD